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Messaggio Da WorldComflict il Ven Dic 07, 2012 4:01 pm

Usiamo una solo discussione per le patch.

New Features & Feature Improvements

• Added support for posting Live Stream URLs to Twitter.
• Improved audio/rumble responsiveness when hitting enemies with gunfire.
• Improved overall communication of Double XP when enabled.
• AAR better communicates how much XP was earned in each match.
• Added the ability to “View League Teams” from any player’s Playercard.
• Added the ability to “View Playercard” from League solo leaderboards.
• Added a number of security system enhancements.
• Added Hardcore Kill Confirmed playlist to the Hardcore category

Issues Addressed

• Fixed a rare hang (“Awaiting Textures”) upon loading into maps when joining a session in progress after fresh boot.
• Game now resets the Care Package for a non-owner if the owner re-rolls the package using the Engineer perk.
• Players with Black Hat PDA can no longer hack a Care Package faster than the owner can capture it.
• Addressed an exploit where modified console hackers could maliciously spread infected films to other users.
• Added a fail-safe to prevent spawn trapping in CTF.
• Increased sight checks on turrets to improve spawning algorithms.
• Fixed a number of new UI error messages reported by users.
• Addressed a number of issues that would cause friendly/enemy color indicators on equipment and scorestreaks to display as the wrong team.
• Improved overall Theater and Live Streaming stability.
• Improved film rendering stability and made progression bar more accurate while rendering a film.
• Addressed issues which prevented some master challenges from being completed.
• Precision challenge “Wet Work” will now unlock with 10 kills.
• The wins challenge will now account for all FFA modes when ending a match with a tie (if you are in the top 3).
• Players that help with the “Synchronized Attack” challenge now get credit for it.
• Players will not be able to manually take control of their AGR if they die at the exact moment that their AGR deploys.
• Emblem Editor no longer closes the current emblem when discarding changes.
• Players using Ghost will no longer be invisible at all times in Custom Games with the mini-map option set to “constant”.
• Players using Ghost and a Suppressor attachment will no longer appear on the enemy’s minimap while shooting and moving while a UAV is up.
• The median for the K/D graph in the AAR is set to 1.0 instead of 0.0.
• Players can no longer get on top of the shrubs in Nuketown 2025.
• Thermal vision overlay no longer appears using the VTOL glitch.
• Kills from the explosion on the explosive crossbow bolt now count towards challenges.
• Counter UAV no longer remains for the rest of the game after a host migration.
• Clan tag is no longer locked immediately after prestige.
• Offline profiles can no longer be exploited to join online games when an online profile is also signed in.
• Multi-team games no longer count as a tie if an entire team quits.
• Fixed an area in Express where K9 Unit dogs could get stuck.
• EMP grenades no longer affect the CODcaster HUD.
• Party Privacy count no longer affects how many bots will spawn in Combat Training.
• Shadows seen through sniper scopes now render more correctly.
• Players can no longer stand on invisible collision in Carrier.
• “Drop Shot” medal is no longer awarded after standing back up.
• Players can now copy a custom class to the extra prestige slot.

Gameplay Balancing

The following is a list of numerous gameplay balancing tweaks that were made after thorough review of statistical data from usage patterns of weapons, equipment, perks and scorestreaks since launch.

• Scorestreaks:

  • UAV: cost increased from 350 to 425.
  • Lightning Strike: added 750ms delay

• Equipment/Grenades:

  • Bouncing Betty: increased the grace period between trigger and activation by 200ms.
  • Sensor Grenade: increased the range (now 1000 units), frequency (now 800ms between pings), and amount of time (now 6s) that players appear after explosion.
  • Concussion Grenade: decreased movement penalty and turn speed penalty when hit.

• SMGs:

  • All: increased hip fire recoil.
  • All: increased max hip fire spread from 4.75 to 5.
  • All: reduced bullet penetration.
  • MSMC: increased recoil slightly.
  • PDW-57: increased recoil slightly.

• Assault Rifles:

  • All: reduced idle sway for more reliable long-range aiming.
  • XM8: reduced lethal range of 3-hit kills from 250 to 50 inches.
  • XM8 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • SWAT-556 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • MTAR: Made auto aim values consistent with all other assault rifles.

• Sniper Rifles:

  • All: increased hip fire spread.
  • All + Laser Sight: increased hip fire spread.
  • XPR-50: increased recoil slightly.

• Shotguns:

  • R870: reduced one-hit kill range by 45 inches.

• Pistols:

  • B23R: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1.
  • KAP-40: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1

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Re: Patch

Messaggio Da Belgarath il Ven Dic 07, 2012 6:02 pm

La sto scaricando ora... speriamo lagghi di meno

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Re: Patch

Messaggio Da Josh90 il Mer Feb 20, 2013 5:43 pm

Aggiornamento 20/02/2013 (non so la versione )

Feature Improvements:

• Party Members now appear on the mini map as purple when colorblind assist is turned on.
• Added hint text tool tips for map voter buttons.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed:

• Resolved a known issue with stats resets caused by a failed save process, indicated by receiving a "Persistent Rank Data has been corrupted" error message. Further information can be found here on the Customer Support site.
• Fixed an issue where players could lose functionality and have a blurry screen after viewing a Gamer Card during the round-ending killcam at the end of the first round of a round-based game.
• Addressed an exploit where players could gain XP privately without matchmaking.
• Addressed an issue where the player's EMP grenade blast would cancel out the effects of an enemy's EMP.
• Players will no longer fly into the air when knife lunging other players on certain types of inclines.
• Addressed multiple exploits where players could clip into and shoot from within certain areas on Downhill.
• Fixed an issue with the Skulls Camo Challenge for the RPG unlocking by using other weapons in conjunction with the RPG.
• Addressed an issue with taking control of an AGR while next to a friendly player causing loss of functionality for firing rockets.
• Resolved an issue where spectating would default to 3rd person even though it had been disabled if the player was previously spectating in 3rd person.
• Resolved an issue with dog spawns in Slums.
• Fixed an issue joining Split Screen bot games in-progress when the host had altered party privacy settings.
• Addressed an issue where players could not link their Twitch account in the Multiplayer Party Lobby Options menu.
• Fixed an issue where the player may not die by the train running over them in Express.
• Players in a Split Screen game can no longer access the MP Pause Menu during the round ending killcam, the final killcam, or after the game has ended.
• Addressed an issue in the Split Screen Pause Menu where the Game Mode below the map was being cut off.
• The System Link/LAN Party server list now sorts the available games by Host name.
• Players can no longer set their Clan Tag in non-Public Match lobbies if they haven't reached the unlock level for the Clan Tag feature.
• Addressed an issue where the Expert Challenge Calling Card was not appearing for the Peacekeeper in the Combat Record after completing all the Peacekeeper challenges.
• Players with Level 1 profiles will now see their XP bonus in the After Action Report after a League Play match.
• Resolved an issue where the damage feedback sound was not occurring for the Combat Axe or cluster bomb from the Hellstorm Missile.
• Addressed an issue where the UAV Scorestreak was not being called in for Multi-Team Hardcore matches.
• Addressed an issue where the mini map for tablet Scorestreaks would not appear on the tablet under certain round transition conditions.
• Resolved an issue with care packages bouncing unusually high.
• Addressed an issue where players with the Riot Shield could survive dog attacks while prone with the Riot Shield on their back.
• Rapidly pressing the Swap Weapons button no longer inverts the player model's left hand with the M8A1 equipped.
• Resolved an issue where the lobby score for the winner of a Gun Game match didn't match the ending score of the match.
• Addressed an issue during rewind in Theater Mode where the waves in Hydro were jittering while the flood is occurring.
• Fixed an issue in Downhill with the light effects on the gondolas not appearing after a Host Migration or round change.
• Players can no longer get out of the map in Downhill by going prone and getting run over by the gondola in the station.
• Dead bodies no longer float if the player dives to prone into a gondola just before getting hit by it.
• Players can now earn the Thief Challenge if they use Black Hat to steal an enemy care package.
• Resolved an issue where the Equipment statistics for the Smoke Grenade were not accurately reflecting in the Combat Record what was achieved in game.
• Fixed an issue in Mirage where players could fall outside the map by diving to prone through a section of door on the Southeast side of the map.
• Addressed an issue where players could get on top of a tent in Grind.
• Fixed an issue in Grind where the player could see outside of the map.
• Addressed exploits where the Dragonfire could get under the map in Mirage and Hydro.

Gameplay Balancing:

• Reduced the red flash damage indicator when using the Toughness Perk.
• Reduced Guardian damage in Hardcore modes.

Zombies Issues Addressed:

• Addressed a long black screen issue while players watch the Intro Zombies movie when loading System Link / LAN Party games.
• Players will no longer be seen clipping into the concrete when sliding from the Green to Orange building in Theater Mode on Die Rise.
• Fixed an issue in Zombies Theater Mode where the Who's Who swirly vision can be seen for players who are not in the mode when switching from players who are.
• Addressed an issue for Split Screen users on Turned Diner in Theater Mode where the eye glow was missing from zombies when viewed in third person and jumping to start.
• Disappearing fog addressed in Theater Mode when flying through the laboratory in Tranzit.
• Fixed a spawn issue for players in Die Rise that spawn on top of the escape pod after a host migration in a 2+ player game.
• Players will no longer be given momentary control of a character before being put into spectator mode when Hot Joining a Custom Game on Nuketown.
• Addressed an issue where players had in-game functionality during the loading countdown timer on Tranzit if a Host Migration occurred during the first 5 seconds of a game.
• Player names will now appear above players when in spectate mode upon hot joining a custom Grief game mode.
• Fixed an issue where Zombies were not spawning in after a Host Migration in a Bus Depot standard match.
• Addressed issue where Sliquifier would create too many slippery spots.
• Addressed an issue in Turned where Zombie vision would disappear after several host migrations occurred.
• Addressed an issue where the players controller would vibrate for a long duration after the player hot joined a game of Tranzit
• Resolved several instances in Die Rise where players could jump above a barricades and avoid Zombie attacks.
• Resolved several instances in Die Rise where players could hide in objects in the world and avoid Zombie attacks.
• Addressed several locations where players can survive a landing in unplayable space.
• Fixed an issue in Die Rise where Zombies could not path to players depending on Tramplesteam positioning.
• Players will now hear announcer dialogue in the Turned game mode.
• Addressed an issue where players are able to start a game of turned with only one player.
• Resolved several instances where players could avoid Zombie attacks by hiding in objects around Tranzit.
• Addressed an issue with taking screenshots in Theater mode
• Addressed issues with the Buildables system
• Addressed issues where players would say the wrong dialogue
• Addressed several issues in Die Rise where Zombies had trouble pathing to players.
• Addressed an issue where players could jump out of the playable space in Die Rise.


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Re: Patch

Messaggio Da WorldComflict il Mer Feb 20, 2013 5:44 pm

dovrebbe essere la 1.07

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Re: Patch

Messaggio Da zGravii il Ven Feb 22, 2013 6:30 pm

Traducete xD
Membro del Clan
Membro del Clan

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Re: Patch

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